FARA System
Simple solution for complicated  geological problems
Due to the technical specifics of measuring in the radio imaging method, to achieve commercial efficiency, it is necessary to use special lifting-lowering equipment. It should provide a high
speed of the downhole module and high reliability.

The FARA system includes a unique lifting-lowering equipment, developed by us taking into account all the features of the method.

Small winches

Small winches are compact and relatively light. Their movement and loading can be carried out by the forces of three members of the field team.
Frame material - duraluminium
Abailable depth - up to 1900 m
Downhole unit movement speed is up to 2.5 m/s
Total weight - 110 kg
Motor power - 1850 Watt

Big winches

Big winches are designed for work at great depths. Their movement and loading is carried out with the help of special devices or loading equipment.
Frame material - steel
Abailable depth - up to 3000 m
Downhole unit movement speed is up to 2.5 m/s
Total weight - 450 kg
Motor power - 3000 Watt

Winch control unit
The control unit is universal and is used for both big and small winches.

It serves to change the direction of movement, the speed of the downhole unit, and also to control braking.

Allows to monitor the engine load.

Power supply voltage - 220/240 Volt
Power supply frequency - 50/60 Hz
The current consumption - up to 20 Amps.

Directing wheel
The directing wheel is intended for directing the cable to the borehole.

The directing wheel of the FARA system provide operation at high speeds of the
downhole unit (up to 2.5 m/s). In addition, its design provides the passage of all
elements of the borehole system located above the borehole probe.

Also the wheel is equipped with an unique depth counting system.